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What does your logo mean?

LOVE (that’s the heart) IS GREATER THAN (that’s the greater than sign) ANYTHING (that’s the X). Based off of 1Corinthians 13


Why the name The Agape Music Group?

When we first got married, we took a DEEP dive into 1Corinthians 13. We are consistently and consciously working to apply that to not only our marriage, but every relationship we have. And it’s mainly because we’ve experienced the love of God. His love is unconditional, thorough, intense and sufficient in every way. It’s that AGAPE love. We figured that name was perfect to put the emphasis on HIS heart for us, and our desire to love more like Him.


How long does an order take to process?

Most orders are processed and shipped within 5 business days. Due to COVID-19, it may take more like 7-10 business days, but we do our absolute best to get it to you quickly. 

What is the quality of your shirts?

Our shirts feel like it’s straight from Heaven! SO SOFT, light and breathable. Several of our customers keep their Agape shirts with their dress shirts lol. 


How often do you come out with new designs?

Just about every month. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list so that you will be the first to know. And you might get a few discount codes too 😊


Where can I find your music?

Our music is available anywhere you listen! So make sure to tell a friend to tell a friend.